Welcome to the DIMA 2.0 e-Learning Platform


The e-Learning Platform aims to support adult education providers and adult educators to design the strategies and improve the quality of adult education they provide. The platform features an e-Learning Course for adult education providers and educators, with online training modules that focus on strategies that will cover the needs of low-skilled adults, and an e-Library with useful resources.

The e-Learning Course is a roadmap that will enable adult education providers and adult educators to enhance their capacity in designing, implementing, and monitoring strategies. It focuses on equipping adult education providers with the skills and knowledge to address the needs and characteristics of low-skilled and low-qualified adults, while serving local needs and priorities for their country and institutions. In addition, the platform’s e-Library is a rich database of resources, with articles, policy papers, publications, reports, and many other resources that will equip adult education providers with useful knowledge that will help them design better strategies, to raise the rates to their offerings, successfully cover the needs of their students.

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